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    We have developed four fold unique techniques namely coding, frame-working, classification and correlation. This helps in maximization of the output with imprrovised grasping and longer retentivity and also make us best IAS coaching institute in Jammu. Regular practice in question – answer form along with the study of subject matter, sharpent your exam – oriented approach. Periodical evaluation and remarks help in taking prior corrective measures before the D – day. We train our students for strategic preparation coupled with rational & scientific method. UJJWAL I.A.S. ACADEMY JAMMU has earned the reputation of delivering results.

    We have also focused on civil service exam coaching in Jammu because we know that civil service is the backbone of the Indian government machinery constitutes all the departments which runs the State administration. A highly competitive and challenging area, it involves a variety of jobs in different departments. Compared to private sector jobs this profession has job security. The prestige and power that comes along with these top-notch jobs is a definite reason for anybody to join this profession. The salary, allowances and facilities like healthcare, housing, conveyance etc. also make it a lucrative profession.

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